Let’s have a little fun with Studio G Game Week!

Each day we’ll post a fun dance-related game/activity for you and your family to complete. Post your answers on social media, tag us, and you might be featured on our accounts! Check back mid-morning daily for the game of the day. Have fun, and good luck!

Day 1 – Word Scramble

Test your brain with our word scramble! All words have to do with dance and performing. We’ll post the answer key tomorrow! Download the PDF to print your own.

Finished? Give up? Download our Word Scramble answer key.

Day 2 – Scavenger Hunt

Search your house for these items and share what you find! Download our Scavenger Hunt list and get to work. The first person to post his or her finds and tags the studio on social media will win a prize!

Day 3 – Word Search

Test your brain and your spelling with our dance-related word search! Download and print our PDF Word Search to see how many words you can find.

Finished? Give up? Download our Word Search answer key.

Day 4 – Bingo

It’s Bingo Day! Download our Studio G bingo card. Complete a whole row of challenges to get a BINGO. Post evidence of your bingo to social media, tag us, and we’ll share! Bonus if you can fill the card!